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Terms & Conditions

These T&C's apply to all Lauren Wheeler Artistry Bookings. 

Confirmation of booking details will confirm your provisional booking and your agreements in accordance with all of these terms and conditions.

For photoshoots, special occasions or other non-wedding bookings a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to confirm and secure your booking. The outstanding balance will be due to pay 4 weeks before the service. For any bookings in less than 4 weeks time, the full balance will be due at time of booking. For corporate clients, an invoice will be sent, and payment will be expected within 10 days.

The client shall inform the artist of any allergies or product sensitivities they may have before the trial takes place. This also includes but is not limited to, medical conditions or any issues that may affect the use of equipment’s and products. The artist reserves the right to refuse service to any client for, but not limited to, any behaviour deemed threatening or abusive and all payments made prior to this will be retained. 

Booking Process

To secure the booking, The Client will be required to pay a £150 non-refundable retainer deposit. This is due within 3 days of the deposit invoice being sent. This is deducted from the wedding day balance only and NOT the trial. If the deposit is not paid during this time frame, your booking is not secure and the date is free to be booked with another client. 

Please note, the booking is not secure until your deposit has been received in full and Lauren Wheeler has confirmed receipt in writing. We reserve the right to re book or cancel your date if fees are not paid on time.

All payment is required by BACS.

The price agreed at the time of booking is final. If Lauren Wheeler’s price list changes at all, your booking will not be affected.


All discounts and special offers are agreed at the time of booking based on the number in the booking. If the number or party changes any discounts will no longer be applicable and full current pricing will be charged.

The trial is a separate chargeable service and the full cost of the trial is due at the trial paid in via BACS before the trial or cash to your artist on the day of the trial with the Lauren Wheeler Team only. For trials with Lauren, payment will be required at the time of booking the trial through the calendar link. You will be unable to book a trial in without paying for it. 

The final balance is due no later than 8 weeks before the wedding day.  If your trial takes place less than 8 weeks before the wedding day, the full final balance will be due before the trial takes place and will not be refundable if you decide not to go ahead. We do not take payment on the day of the wedding. If you decide not to go ahead after the trial, your trial payment and deposit, and any other payments made, will be retained by us. 

Please note that invoice dates are specific and late payment charges will be added to the invoice for every day that the payment is late at the rate of £5.00 per day. 

Cancellations, Changes & Fees

If for some reason you cancel your booking, your cancellation MUST be stated in writing.

If a wedding or part of booking is cancelled, changed or postponed within 8 weeks of the wedding date, the balance is required in full and is not refundable. 

Your retainer deposit is non-refundable under all circumstances.

Please note that invoice dates are specific and late payment charges will be added to the invoice for every day that the payment is late at the rate of £5.00 per day. 


All trials with Lauren will take place at NashWhite in Warwick on Tuesdays & Wednesdays on specified dates of the month only. Trials do not take place on weekends or in the evenings. Unfortunately Lauren cannot accommodate any trials outside the days, dates & times specified in her calendar booking link.  - please note this is NOT a correspondence or contactable address for Lauren Wheeler Artistry and Lauren will not be based there on any other day than the dates listed in her calendar link. NashWhite are NOT responsible for Lauren Wheeler Artistry bookings and simply provide the space and so will be unable to give any information and must not be emailed, phoned or spoken to in person about Lauren Wheeler Bookings. 

Trials with a member of the team will take place at their own home addresses across Oxfordshire & The Cotswolds during the weekdays only. 

We ask that you have no more than 1 other person attending your trial with you to allow maximum time to get to know you and your style.

The trial money paid to the artist is completely non-refundable.

Lauren Wheeler cancellations

In exceptional circumstances, such as a hospital stay, a Lauren Wheeler artist may need to cancel a booking. This has never happened before but, if it does all attempts will be made to find an alternative artist. If this is not possible or is unacceptable to the client, Lauren Wheeler will refund 100% of any payments made, except where payments have been made for services already undertaken, for example, trials that have already been undertaken, as well as the non refundable deposit. 

All trial payments for trials that have already been undertaken are non-refundable under all circumstances.

Your retainer deposit of £150 is non-refundable under all circumstances.

We reserve the right to cancel any booking that has be made under false pretences without liability and will retain all payments made by you. 

We reserve the right to cancel any bookings where the client is deemed to be rude, aggressive, upsetting or abusive in any way without liability and will retain all payments made by you. 

Notification should be given of any changes to the booking and trial as soon as possible. This includes changes to the number of clients, location, dates and times. It is the client’s responsibility to do this as we cannot guarantee artists availability all day.


Changes must be confirmed in writing via email and are not accepted as written notice until you have received a reply from your artist.

Changes to trials - An alternative date will be found. Trials will not be booked in evenings due to the lack of natural light and artificial light distorting the look. Any changes made by the bride to a trial must be made in writing 48 hours before the date of the trial. If changes result in the number attending being reduced, artists have the right to change the time or date of the trial and any previous booking discounts or travel discounts will be void. 

Change of wedding date - We will do our best to rebook the original artist for the new date or supply another available artist. If this is not possible then the usual cancellation fees apply. Please note if you require a second trial you will need to pay the full trial amount again.

Change to number of clients - A new price will be calculated based on our current price list to reflect any changes in the bridal party, any discounts or special offers will no longer be valid. Please note that if the change results in the number dropping below the minimum booking, the standard surcharge will apply to ensure the minimum is met. If a wedding or part of a booking is cancelled, changed or postponed within 10 weeks of the wedding date, the full quoted balance is required in full. Additions to existing bridal party numbers can be catered for and will be quoted at the current price list.

​Bookings must be above the minimum booking or the total cost made up to the equivalent amount.

Please note: Any discounts will only apply at the time of booking and will not be applied to any changes made after this time.

Change of location - Further travel will be charged if the location changes. 

If the booking is directly affected by circumstances beyond the control of the artist, every possible endeavour to rectify such situations will be made, however no compensation will be offered on the artist’s part. The client is strongly advised to take out wedding insurance to cover against such situations. 

Additional charges 

The client will cover all necessary travel expenses, including, but not limited to, all public transport costs, any congestion charges and parking charges that are applicable. These are charged at the full public transport or parking price and at 45p per mile  and are worked out based on postal code, so please provide us with this when enquiring. Any parking, congestion and public transport costs incurred will all be added to the final invoice.


If hair extensions are required for your chosen hairstyle, they are available to buy through Lauren Wheeler Artistry at the following prices:

- £125 for 16-inch extensions;

- £150 for 18- to 20-inch extensions; or

- £180 for extensions that are longer than 20 inches.

Assistant Artist - £50 per artist

Evening change of looks/touch ups can be arrange upon request and a bespoke quote will be provided.

Any public transport, parking or congestion charges incurred with your booking will be added to final invoice. 

A booking is based on getting ready at a single location only unless otherwise specified. A relocation fee of £40 will apply if needing to change locations, and requires a minimum of 45 mins to be factored into the schedule.

Any starts required before 7am will incur a £50 per hour early start fee. 

The client agrees that the artist may use any photography for publicity purposes which include but are not limited to the artist’s website and social media pages.

We are not responsible for the content of external websites linked for your information.

Unfortunately we do not provide credit terms. 

Following the new smoking regulations - smoking whilst an artist is working is not permitted.

Artist's reserve the right to refuse to work if a client is rude, aggressive, upsetting or abusive in any way. In this case the usual cancellation policy will apply

All t&c's are right at the time of publication and Lauren Wheeler Hair & Makeup has taken every care in the preparation of the content of this website, in particular to ensure that prices quoted are correct at time of publishing and all products have been fairly described. 

Copyright: Unless otherwise stated, all information printed or electronic is the copyright of Lauren Wheeler Artistry.

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