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February 6, 2017

To kick start all things The Bride Guide Co way, we have the gorgeous Siobhan Beales Photography sharing some of her biggest tips when choosing and managing your wedding photography. 


No Phone Zone

One of my tips for your big day is to consider an ‘Unplugged Wedding’. As a wedding photographer it is our job to capture all of the moments & emotions of the day – and there is plenty of emotion during the ceremony itself! A few little things can spoil those special moments – your mobile phones, iPads and cameras... As much as we can lean around them, they’re sadly still in our shot, and can sometimes disrupt them. So let us capture that incredible part of the day, you’re MORE than welcome to have our photographs (promise!) and the Bride gets to see her guests faces walking down the aisle, not a load of phones pointed her way – which is a much better view!


If you’re having a church wedding, it might be an idea to check with who is officiating your ceremony to see their rules of photography – many churches don’t allow any photographs during the ceremony, the whole service or even the photographer to be at the front.




Do your research
Wedding photography is a big investment, so make sure you do your research! Be sure to look at whether or not your photographer has an extensive portfolio, see how they shoot, read their testimonials, blogs, check their insurance policies and contracts, etc. If they offer a pre-wedding or engagement photo shoot as part of their wedding package – do it! It’s an amazing opportunity to get to know how they photograph and feel at ease in front of the camera, remember they will be with you for your entire wedding day, it's important you feel comfortable with them. All of my clients have said how this has helped their nerves and get to know how I work with them as a little practice run before the big day.


Remember the Family

Remember the formals. Natural and candid photographs are on the rise, and for a very good reason – they capture all of the expressions and emotions of the day that the Bride & Groom may not see. But remember the formals - Mum, Dad, Gran, Grandad will probably choose to frame the formal photographs on their mantelpiece! If you’ve got a large wedding party, it's a good idea to ask one of your ushers to help the photographer with the formal list, unfortunately we don’t know everyone’s names so it’s a massive help on the day to make sure your formals don’t take up more time than necessary.


Daylight is your friend

Light is the main thought on a photographers’ mind during any wedding day and especially during the winter months, the time to capture shots during natural light is slashed in half! Are you having a winter wedding? If you’re after less flash photography, I’d recommend having an early afternoon ceremony to make the most of the natural light. Also have a think about the rooms you will be using throughout the day from bridal prep until the wedding breakfast. Do they offer enough natural lighting?




Be open to ideas

Trust your photographer! Your photographer will have heaps of ideas for shots to capture your day to their best ability - They've shot hundred's of weddings! Don’t be afraid to go off the beaten track and get those incredible shots that the photographer will suggest – it will be worth it when you get your photographs back. Setting aside enough time throughout the day for your portraits is vital if you’re after more landscape shots, they may require a little walk.


Typical UK!

Create a wet weather plan! We are all too familiar with the weather that the UK has to offer during our ‘summer’, so be sure to have a back up plan in case the heavens decide to open. In meetings with my clients I run through ideas of all of the shots for their portraits (so there are no surprises on the day like walking through a field they have no idea about!) and this will include photographs that can be taken inside their venue, so there’s zero stress on your big day! Don’t let the rain get you down, buy a few clear umbrellas – you can get some amazing shots in the rain!


Don't forget to share the love with Siobhan here
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Love, Light & Wedding Delight xx








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