How to get the most from your Bridal Trial

January 13, 2017

So you've booked yourself in with your hair & makeup artist... great! But what comes next? 



Your trial is the perfect opportunity to meet (if you haven't already) your stylist and get to know them and chat all things wedding inspo!


We here at LaurenWheeler suggest that you have your trial around 3-4 months before your big day.. This gives you plenty of time to get a clear image in your mind about how you'd like to look on the most important day of your life. But how do you ensure that you get the best outcome at your trial? Follow our top tips below..


1. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures! Pinterest will no doubt become your best friend throughout your wedding planning and it's the perfect place to look for inspiration images for hair & makeup. As well as gathering images of the things you love, don't forget to show your artist what you don't like so much too, it helps to give a clear image of your tastes. Oh, and whilst on the topic of images, remember to show pictures of the front of hair too! So many brides don't, and it's an important part of creating a gorgeous style for you.


Looking for somewhere to start? Check out our inspo boards here:

 2. That in mind, try to have a relatively clear idea of how you want to look. There's only so many times your makeup can be taken off before your skin gets sore and irritated - and no-one wants that! Again with your hair, lots of products will be applied to be able to achieve volume, texture & hold and it will start to get weighed down after 2-3 styles. 

3. Arrive wearing your usual makeup. Sounds silly right? Why would you come with makeup on when you're going to have makeup applied? Well... It helps your artist to learn your comfort levels. Everyone has a different definition of what 'natural' makeup is and it's the perfect way of your artist knowing how to adapt that smokey eye to suit you. 


4. Wear white! All white isn't something most people tend to wear on a daily basis, so stepping into an all white full length (most of the time) dress will make you look completely different. White also reflects light back onto your face, so the coverage and colours of your chosen look will appear to pop more and maybe a little heavier than a black jumper or a grey t-shirt - dark colours also absorb a lot of light. 

5. Be prepared.. If you're having a spray tan before your big day, it's very easy to just make your artist aware of that and just say 'but we can just work with that on the day, right?'. It's not the easiest.. It will change the way you look, so will change the way your style looks on you.. It's also the perfect opportunity to test run these things (tans, eyelash extensions, brow shaping) before the day, especially if it isn't something you would usually do. Artist's can always adapt to change, but it will make both their and your lives much easier. 


The evolution of a hairstyle from the trial (left) to on the day (right)...


6. You want your trial to go as smoothly as possible, without the need to retrial, so probably most importantly, just be honest. Your artist isn't going to take offence if there is something about your look that you don't like. Everyone's tastes and styles are different and we know that! It also means that your look can be adjusted there and then instead of the panicked phonecall/email to make sure it can be changed for the day, as well as the time and expense to arrange another trial. Most artist's don't expect to create a perfect look first time with no tweaks needed (it does happen though!!) and are totally adaptable to changes. 

But most of all, make sure you have fun! Planning your wedding and every part of it is meant to be a fun, memorable process. Relax, laugh and be pampered. 

Lauren x


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