Why hire a makeup artist?

September 30, 2015


Why should you hire a professional makeup artist for your wedding? (Potentially the most important day of your life, I might add..)

Coming in to my fourth year of makeup artistry, I have faced many a time when I've been questioned about my pricing, or been asked the infamous question 'Do I really need a makeup artist?' 

The simple answer is yes, most people do and should have a makeup artist.

But why?


Do you know how to correct the red or blue undertones in your skin and under eyes? Would you even know what colours work best for this? 

This is just one of the things that we are professionally trained to do, along with spot covering, toning down oiliness and enhancing your features properly . We have invested our time and money to learn the ins and outs of makeup application & skincare to be able to give you the best possible service and allow you to look the best on your wedding day. 

Just a few advantages to booking a professional makeup artist: 

- At your trial, your makeup artist will be able to tell whether or not your skin is dry, oily, prone to breakouts, has excessive redness and much more. They can then work with you to put a skincare regime in place to give you the best possible flawless skin for the day.


- A professional makeup artist is trained in the art of highlighting and enhancing your best features. They will know how to fill in your brows to frame your face properly and they can cover that last minute breakout. 


- Did you know that spf in most foundations can cause a flashback on the camera, washing you out? Your make up artist will be well equipped in knowing which ones do and don't and whether it's best to avoid it all together or not. 

- Nerves do get the better of you. A professional makeup artist is there to help you relax and do the work for you! They can help to calm you and have that all important impeccably steady hand. 

- They know what order to apply products in based on your skin type, how best to enhance the longevity and colour payoff of the make up and what colour palette will best suit your skin tone.

Then comes price..


When you hire a professional make up artist, you aren't just paying for them to turn up on your wedding day, make you look pretty and disappear again. You are paying for: the time that they have invested to learn in-depth the art of makeup, their experience and knowledge, their travel - either publicly or using their own vehicle which wear & tear, tax, mot etc comes into play, business insurance and not to mention the extent of their makeup kit and brushes! 

But is it more cost effective to go and buy your own makeup? Let's do the maths.. Most department store brands tend to be of similar pricing and of the best quality makeup. To even get close to the level of a professional make up artist you would need: 

- Primer avg £21.00

- Foundation avg £25.00-£30.00

- Concealer avg £15.00-20.00
- Powder avg £20.00-£25.00
- Eyeshadow (normally minimum of 2-3 shades) avg £10.00-15.00
- Mascara avg £15.00-£20.00
- Eyeliner (pencil &/or liquid) avg £12.00-£18.00
- Brow powder/pencil avg £10.00-15.00

- Lip pencil avg £10.00 - £15.00

- Lipstick &/or gloss avg £12.00-£20.00
- Blusher avg £12.00-£20.00

Total = £254.40*

Not to mention if you wanted the extras of highlighter, blusher etc, which average between £20.00 - £25.00 each that would take our total well over £300. And then, you're not going to apply this all with the same brush are you?? And then you are left with all of these products that you probably won't use most of again. 


 * this was based on adding all of the products from a department store makeup brand into the basket at time of publication

Your professional makeup artist already has an entire kit filled with not only all of the above products but so much more, as well as 100's of different colour options for each product too. So hiring a makeup artist actually does end up coming in cheaper most of the time! 

It's your wedding day, you are entitled to look and feel your absolute best. You have spent so much money on your dress, your venue…why would you settle on how your face looks? You will be looking at your wedding photographs for the rest of your life, and wouldn't you rather look your best in and out of them? 

Lauren xx

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